About Us
Kandikaine cater to women only! We are super passionate about making women's lives easier when dealing with fashion. We provide that fresh on-trend style that you can grab and go, and know that you look on-point!

After finding her inner self and realising that it's not all about taking ages to get ready to look good, our founder created Kandikaine to solve the problem that the pressure women are under to look 'perfect' all the time, it totally draining and unattainable, hence why here at Kandikaine we all embrace our flaws. Kandikaine offers on-trend clothing looks with the simple ethos of minimalism. 

'The amount of time it used to take me to get ready and feel comfortable was crazy! Now, with a sexy pair of jeans and Kandikaine Hoodie, either with killer heels or some dapper daps, I feel great and super comfy, and it takes no time at all! I shove my hair up, pencil my eyebrows add a little mascara and I'm ready to go! We need to live life, not be absorbed by it!'

We understand that many other fashion retailers are constantly changing their looks, pilling on the pressure to always shift styles and try to 'buy happiness', but happiness starts within, and that's where Kandikaine comes into play'.

We totally believe that loving the inner you, and repping your sexiness is the way to becoming more aware of what really matters; finding your inner voice and having joy throughout your whole life. We believe that we can make a huge change not just in fashion but with women worldwide!

What makes Kandikaine like non other? 
Our empowering formula and loving yourself is what makes us, #bossbitches!

You + Joy + Peace x Minimalism = #Kandikaine! 

About us
Our team of experts have created a size guide which allows you to find the best fit for you. We understand that sizes may vary, so we are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

We handpick and assess the style of each and every product that is on our website, as we want to give the best quality at affordable prices to all of our customers!

Here at Kandikaine our customers are our main priority. We promise simplistic payment options, free worldwide delivery and a #badass batch of customer service experts, so you feel empowered on your Kandikaine Journey!

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Our Team
The Kandikaine brand, our spirit and our customers - are people who ‘get stuff done!’. Our team is comprised of only the #bestbitches. We love doing what we do, finding joy in everyday life and being content and happy with who we are inside and out. We provide the best possible experience to all of our customers.